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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!  Please take a look below to see what we are going to be learning about this term as well as some of the fantastic work we have already produced.  We are really excited for the year ahead.  

The Time Tunnel

Our new topic is Year 6 is The time Tunnel which is based around chronology and events from the past.  Throughout the unit we will explore different time periods in history and how different events help shaped the world we live in today- this will include changes and advances in technology.  We will be looking in detail at World War 2 and how it impacted the lives of both children and adults.


Our text for Autumn 1 is Rose Blanche.  It tells the story of a young girl from Germany and her experiences of the war.  One day on her regular walk home from school, she sees something quite out of the ordinary which will change her life forever.


In Science we are learning all about Evolution and Inheritance.  This learning will look at famous scientists and their discoveries linked to the evolution of different species.  We will also look at the way in which traits are inherited through generations and how natural selection occurs.


For Maths this term our learning will be based around number and place value.  We will be using written methods for all four operations to solve calcuations and reason.



Reading is so important and something we actively support and encourage.  Guided Reading takes place in class five mornings a week, where we will be focussing on comprehension skills and different question types.  Through the term we will be exploring both fiction and non-fiction texts from a range of different genres.

It is important that you continue to read at least 3 times per week and record this via ClassDojo.  There are lots of books avaliable in the school classroom or if you prefer can you read your own from home.  Please see the reading lists below for some quality, recommended texts.

Curriculum Targets

Topic Letters

Please click below to find out what Year 6 will be learning about this term. 


Homework will be uploaded onto ClassDojo each week. Once homework is completed please upload onto your portfolio. Class teachers will mark your child's homework electronically and feedback will be given. 

Reading Records are temporarily to be kept in school. Comments from Guided Reading and home reading should be added to your child's portfolio on ClassDojo. All home reads should be numbered so that we can keep track and the correct awards can be given!