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At Edenbridge Primary School, we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). A curriculum designed to develop not only vital and transferable skills but also one that deepens thinking about the wider world and encourages international mindedness whilst, linking strongly with our local community with the concept of the home and host country. Our curriculum is designed to give all children, regardless of background, the opportunity to build on and increase their cultural capital whilst harnessing their own sense of identity.

We know that in order for children to be successful they need to be engaged and enthused by what they are learning. Careful consideration is made by teaching staff to ensure that the IPC units of learning  appeal to children’s interests and help them to learn more about the world around them. Themes include: Footprints from the Past, The Magic Toymaker, Buildings, Chocolate, Active Planet, Mission to Mars, and Time Tunnel.

Themed units help children to see how subjects are both independent and interdependent. This enables them to see the big picture of their learning, make connections across different subjects, and talk about a topic from multiple perspectives. Where possible, English, Maths and Science are linked closely with the units of work.

One of our key priorities is to provide children with experiences beyond the realms of the classroom through trips, workshops and specialist visitors. Each experience is carefully planned to enhance the learning and bring many contexts and ideas to life! Alongside our curriculum visits is the ‘Pioneer Passport’, an initiative designed to give children a rich range of memorable experiences that we believe serve to purposefully close the experience and knowledge gap from home. We want children to be curious and excited by the awe and wonder of the world and we design our curriculum to infuse that excitement.

By the time children leave us at the end of KS2 our children will be confident individuals who are actively and enthusiastically engaged on the journey to understanding how to contribute positively to their community and the wider society.

We encourage children to use eight different personal goals in their learning, we encourage them to be - thinkers, resilient, ethical, communicators, empathetic, respectful, adaptable and collaborators . We believe that anything is possible and we are relentless in our Positivity, Rigour, Aspirations, Commitment, Energy and Standards.

Curriculum Map 2020 - 2021

Each year the curriculum is reviewed and the teachers select topics which they think will engage and inspire their new cohort. Careful consideration is given to coverage and subject leaders together with the Curriulum Leader ensure that all objectives are being met. Attached is the Curriculum Map for 2020-2021.