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Welcome to Year 1!

Hello and welcome to Year 1! We are very excited to have everyone back at school and are ready for a busy year back at Edenbridge Primary! We have already planned some exciting activities for everyone and look forward to seeing the children flourish. Check out our Autumn Term Topic letter on our web page, as it gives you all the juicy details of what we will be learning.

Homework will now be set on ClassDojo. There is a homework menu, where you can choose an activity each week. We will also set a small task each week linked to what we have been learning.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact someone from the Year One team.

Clifton Bridge – Mrs Cripps, Mrs Cross and Ms Punnet

Severn Bridge – Mrs Searle and Mrs Fuller


Year 1(1)


We will be using a different book each week in English during our ‘Transition’ period. We have already looked at ‘My Mum and Dad make me laugh’ by Nick Sharrat and ‘So Much!’ by Trish Cooke. We really get to know the stories by making up actions and drawing story maps to follow, so we can retell the story ourselves. We are starting to write sentences about the characters and putting ourselves in the character’s shoes by thinking about what they might say or feel at different points.

We have daily phonics lessons consolidating Phase 3 sounds, focusing on digraphs. We will practice reading and writing the year 1 common exception words in phonics too, working towards learning spellings at home for a quiz each week.


We will be following the mastery scheme of learning which focuses on three aspects of mathematics – fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children have been using lots of maths resources to help their understanding of numbers to 10: counting forward and back, knowing 1 more and 1 less and working out missing numbers. We are beginning to introduce reasoning skills to explain answers in great depth – showing a firm understanding of what they have learnt. This term, Year One will be learning about number and place value within 10, addition and subtraction within 10 and shape.


Our focus is all about different materials and their properties. We will name and describe a variety of different materials. We will be describing them and discovering how they are used. We will also carry out a range of investigations to explore materials and their properties.

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A homework menu has now been uploaded onto ClassDojo. A piece of homework is to be uploaded every week. Class teachers will mark your child's homework electronically and feedback will be given. 

Reading Records are temporarily to be kept in school. Comments from Guided Reading and home reading should be added to your child's portfolio on ClassDojo. All home reads should be numbered so that we can keep track and the correct awards can be given!