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Welcome to Reception!

At Edenbridge Primary School we have two Reception classes:

Tower Bridge                                                                                        Westminster Bridge

Miss Berryman     Class Teacher                                                        Mrs Macnutt        Class Teacher

Mrs Black               Teaching Assistant                                               Mrs Smith              Teaching Assistant 

We are housed in a brand new building, enjoying bright and stimulating classrooms surrounded by the school playing fields.

During Reception, we continue the Foundation Stage curriculum, working towards the Early Learning Goals.  A carefully balanced timetable ensures that key skills are introduced whilst the environment is designed to foster independent learning.  Children are free to explore new ideas and develop skills according to their own interests and motivations. 

Throughout the year, the children become familiar with school routines and appropriate learning behaviour.  This prepares them for a successful transition into Year One.

Our Learning

Our Topic this term is All About Me.  As we settle into our new classes, getting used to the routines of the day and where everything goes, we are making friends and beginning to learn all about each other.  We started by painting self portraits, looking at the things that make us the same and the things that make us different. 

In Maths too we are taking a close look at the world as we explore different ways to sort and group objects eg by colour, size or shape.  Our number work this term focusses on numbers 1,2 and 3, counting objects and actions, recognising sets of 1 2 or 3 and finding different ways to make them.

This term we will also be learning to read!  We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme, introducing the children to the most frequently used letters first so that they can soon read some simple words and captions.  For more information about how we teach phonics, have a look at the Guide to Phonics document below.  Every week we post the new phonemes and common exception words that we have been learning onto Dojo.

Our busy days lay the foundations for lots of skills.  In our Write Dance sessions for example, we develop the gross and fine motor skills needed for hand writing whilst our popular Helicopter Story Time encourages the children to become story tellers, each one narrating their own story as their friends act it out.