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Welcome to Edenbridge Primary School

A very warm welcome to Edenbridge Primary School.  We hope you will find lots of interesting information here to inform you about our school, the activities and the people within it.

Year 1 Teddy Bears' Picnic

Despite the snowy weather, year 1 had their Teddy Bear friends join them this afternoon for a lovely indoor picnic.  Lots of fun was had by all.


Learning in Reception

Our children in reception learn through lots of creative ways and building great personal skills such as resilience and adaptability.  Follow us on Twitter to see more @EdenbridgeTPA

New Year - New Learning

Welcome back to school.  We are really looking forward to all the exciting learning opportunities planned for 2019.  You can also now follow our school on Twitter for updates - @EdenbridgeTPA.

Year 2 Poetry

Well done Poppie R-B (Tyne) for this lovely poem that helps us remember to make the world a better place:

Sea Life

The sea looks clean,

In the fish's dreams.

But when he awakes,

He sees it's all fake.


As he is stuck,

Surrounded by muck,

He wishes he was free,

In the beautiful, clean sea.


If only people,

Didn't drop their litter,

This little fishy,

Wouldn't be so bitter.


By Poppy R-B, Year 2


Our Vision

Edenbridge Primary School inspires each child to flourish, excel and achieve.  Our new creative curriculum provides memorable, happy learning experiences.  Together with our wider community, we will ensure every day is an extraordinary school day.

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