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Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to Rome in Y5!

In this term, we will be introducing our main topic The Great the Bold and The Brave.  We will learn all about the ancient Romans and Greeks and how they shaped history that we still benefit from today. Before we launch into that we will spend the beginning of the term on a short topic called Brainwaves which will help the children to get back into learning mode. 


In English, our book for the term is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz and we will be delving into the spy world in which the main protagonist Alex Rider finds himself. As part of the spy theme we will also be designing our own spy gadgets and writing detailed instruction on how to use them.


In Maths we have been focussing on place value and refreshing our times tables. Will we be delving deeper into our understanding of place value when it comes to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To align with our theme, The Great, the Bold and the Brave, we will also be learning our Roman numerals.


Our science topic this term is Forces learning about pulleys, gears, thrust, direction of force and levers.  This ties in nicely with The Great, the Bold and The Brave where this technology was used extensively to help build their empires.

As usual, we will be offering the children a full curriculum with PE, Art, History, Geography, French, RE and PHSE.

Trips and Workshops

We are trying desperately to try book a trip to Lullingtstone Roman Villa to learn about how the Romans came to Britain and how they influenced architecture, farming, building art and culture. This is subject to change given the situation with Covid-19 and we will keep you updated closer to the time.


Curriculum Targets

Topic Letters

Please click below to find out what Year 5 will be learning about this term. 


A homework menu has now been uploaded onto ClassDojo. A piece of homework is to be uploaded every week. Class teachers will mark your child's homework electronically and feedback will be given. 

Reading Records are temporarily to be kept in school. Comments from Guided Reading and home reading should be added to your child's portfolio on ClassDojo. All home reads should be numbered so that we can keep track and the correct awards can be given!