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Welcome to year 2!

Brilliant Buildings!

Our topic for this half term is Buildings. In art we will be creating collages of houses in our area, building and painting sculptures of houses using different materials and exploring famous building throughout history. Come and see some of our collage house on display!

In History we will be comparing and contrasting buildings from the past and present and learning how to create a timeline by ordering from old to new. We will be looking at historical buildings and how they have changed and seeing how buildings have changed around Edenbridge.

For Geography we will be learning about important buildings and bridges from around the world. We will be looking at the similarities and differences of buildings around the world and comparing them. We will become explorers and learn how to use atlases to locate the different countries these important buildings are in; and how to make our own maps with a Key.


We will be using The Tree Little Pigs as a starting point for this year’s English work. We have already started learning the story off by heart and drawing our own story maps. We will be writing our own versions of the story and then looking at alternative versions of the story. Children will have opportunities to write for different purposes and audiences, such as: creating leaflets/brochures, creative writing, diary entries, letters, wanted posters, etc.

We will be learning about different types of nouns; singular and plural forms and working hard on applying our phonics knowledge to unfamiliar words. We will also be doing weekly handwriting practice and spelling tests to practice the year 2 common exception words.



We will be following the mastery scheme of learning which focuses on three aspects of mathematics – fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Children have been using lots of maths resources (concrete) to help solve maths problems. Children have also already started working hard to develop their reasoning skills to explain answers in great depth – showing a firm understanding of what they have learnt. This term, Year Two will be learning about place value, addition, subtraction, and money.

Curriculum Targets

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Year 2


Homework will be sent out on Thursday and should be returned to school on Tuesday. The homework menu allows children to choose which homework they would like to do each week based on what subject interests them the most.  Please date the menu to show which homework has been completed each week.

Reading Records are to be in school every day whether your child has read or not. Reading books may be changed daily if the Reading Records have been signed by an adult to show a book has been read. All Reading Records are checked regularly to ensure that children are reading at home. If you would like to volunteer to come into school to read with children then please do let us know.