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Lesson 25 - EYFS - Maths

Join Mrs Brown for a digit dance!  Have your flippy flappers ready to get you warmed up to do the digit dance and draw your numbers!  What different digits can you make?

200713 - EYFS - Maths - Digit Dance.MP4200713 - EYFS - Maths - Digit Dance 2.MP4

Lesson 24 - KS2 - English

A KS2 English lesson on Kenning Poem.  A Kenning is a poem which uses clues to describe something rather than just saying what it is- each line is only 2 words. Create your own Kenning poem and share it on your class portfolio or tag us on twitter! 

200713 - KS2 - English - Kenning Poems.mp4

Lesson 23 - KS1 - Reading

Here we have a KS1 Reading lesson from Miss Packham on how to use subheadings correctly.  It tells you all about what a subheading is, where you might see them and what their job is.  Can you use the subheadings to help you find answers from a text?

200713 - KS1 - Reading - Subheadings.mp4

Lesson 22 - KS2 - Geography

A KS2 Geography lesson from Mrs Baruah all about scavengers and settlers.  She talks through settlements and how people decide where they might like to settle long term.  Where would you like to settle?  Think carefully about the different features you'd like your home to have.

200713 - KS2 - Georgraphy - Settlements.mp4

Lesson 21- Nursery - Maths

A Maths video looking at shape!  What different shapes can you make using resources found outside?  Draw around your shape and count the number of sides to see if you can give it the correct name!

200706 - Nursery - Maths - Shape.mp4

Lesson 20 - EYFS - Phonics

Mrs Macnutt has made this video which shows a game you can play to help learn your alphabet! Listen carefully to each phoneme- can you think of an object or item beginning with each letter?

200706 - EYFS - Phonics - Phonemes and Letters.MP4

Lesson 19 - EYFS - Maths

This maths video from Miss Berryman is all about how to share into equal groups.  Could you try sorting objects at home into equal groups?

200706 - EYFS - Maths - Sharing.MP4

Lesson 18 - KS2 -History

Here is a History lesson from Mr Ming talking about how to record historical information.  It shows you how to make a time capsule!  What will you put in yours?  Where will you bury it?

200706 - KS2 - History - Record historical information.mp4

Lesson 17 - KS2 - PSHE

Here is a PSHE video lesson starter all about frienship.  It focusses on how we can make new friends and what to do when we have friendship wobbles.  What will you put in your recipe for the perfect friend?

200706 - KS2 - PSHE - Friendship.MOV

Lesson 16 - KS1 - PSHE

As we near the end of the school year, it's a really good time to start thinking about what we are proud of and why it is important to be proud.  Take a look at this video from Miss Gates and then complete your own proud cloud!

202906 - KS1 - PSHE - Being Proud.MP4

Lesson 15 - PSHE

With the end of the year nearing Mrs Hover has put together a lesson about transition and moving into a new year group and class.  How are you feeling?  Make sure you write down or ask any questions you might have.  You can speak to an adult at home or you can speak to your teacher.  Change can be positive!

200629 - Whole School - PSHE - Transistion.MP4

Lesson 14 - KS2 - Art

Here is our first Art video!  Miss Berryman is showing how to create a Monoprint.   A monoprint is a clear, crisp line made from drawing onto paper that is pressed into ink.  You chose a single object to print in your image.  Have a good and post your picture to your class portfolio!

200629 - KS2 - Art - Monoprinting.mp4

Lesson 13 - KS2 - PE

Mr Holliday has been thinking about athletic skills as this term in KS2 all your P.E lessons would have been focussed around the different elements of athletics.  Here is a short video showing you the skills needed for a successful long jump.  How far can you jump?

200629 - KS2 - PE - Long Jump.MP4

Lesson 12 - KS2 - Science

Miss Smith is looking at classifying and grouping animals based on their characteristics.  Can you recognise which group an animal should belong to based on its characteristics?  Your job is to create your own animal and decide which group it would fit into.

200623 - KS2 - Science - Classifying Living Things.MP4

Lesson 11 - KS1 - History

Join Miss Gates in finding out about some very important nurses and how hospitals have changed over time.  How many similarities and differences can you find?

200623 - KS1 - History - Similarities and differences in different periods.MP4

Lesson 10 - Nursery - Gross Motor Skills

This is a video for Nursery from Mrs Brown to help with your gross motor skils.  Join her whilst she squiggles and wiggles!

Nursery - Gross Motor Skills - Squiggle and Wiggle.MP4

Lesson 9- KS2 - Computing

Here is a computing lesson based on creating algorithms from Mr Chute.  This activity is suitable for all! Have a go at programming!

LKS2 - Computing - Algorithms.MP4

Lesson 8- PSHE

This week's lesson is a PSHE lesson by Miss Blaire for the whole school, all about looking after the planet.  Think really carefully, what you could do to make a difference to our world?

Whole School - PSHE - Looking After our Planet.MP4

Lesson 7- KS2 P.E

This week we have a P.E lesson on throwing from Mr Holliday. Grab yourself a ball and join in!

Richard PE.MP4

Lesson 6- KS2 Maths

Our sixth video is a KS2 Maths lesson from Mr Ming about how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.  The resources and video can be found below.

Mr Ming KS2 Maths.mp4

Lesson 5 - KS2 Maths

This week's video lesson is a Maths lesson all about area from Miss Smith.  All the resources can be found below.

200601- KS2 - Y4 - Maths - Area.MOV

Lesson 4 - KS1 Reading

This week's video lesson is another reading lesson all about inference. It is designed for Key Stage One but could be very useful for other year groups too! 


Lesson 3 - KS1 Reading

Our third video introduction lesson is from Mrs Cripps and it is a Key Stage One Reading Lesson. All of the resources can be found below! 

Sophies KS1 Writing Lesson Final.mp4

Lesson 2 - Nursery and EYFS Writing

Here is the next English lesson from Mrs Brown! This week it is a rhyming lesson for Nursery and EYFS! All of the resources can be found below. 

Mel's EYFS writing starter 2.MOV

Lesson 1 - Nursery and EYFS Writing

Mel's Video.mp4