Edinburgh/Edenbridge, Harvest Festival, Eden Valley Museum, Days of Wonder, Using cams to make moving toys

During the beginning of the Autumn Term 6F based their learning around the city of Edinburgh. We looked at the rocks and soils of the Edinburgh coastline and also researched the animals and habitats that live in and around there. We also spent some time looking at the way in which Edinburgh has been captured through art. We tried to emulate the style of some of the artists that we looked at and created our own photographs of Edenbridge in the same style.

We really enjoyed practicing for Harvest Festival this term too. We spent our music lessons combining melodies, rhythms and actions to create a Harvest musical medley. We hope that you enjoyed it if you came along.

In the second part of the Autumn Term we spent time developing our research skills to find out about Edenbridge in the past. We really enjoyed visiting Eden Valley Museum and using the photographs and information there to find out about all the different things that have happened in Edenbridge's past. Make sure that you come into school and have a look at our corridor display which shows some of the facts that we have found out.

In ICT this term we had a real treat when "Days of Wonder" came in to teach us about Control Technology. We learnt how to program Lego robots so that they were able to dance, have a conversation with us and score a goal with a ball! Here is a photograph of us trying to work out how to write the programmes that we needed!

Edinburgh/Edenbridge,Harvest Festival,Eden Valley Museum,Days of Wonder,Using cams to make moving toys

We were also particularly proud of our D.T. work this term. We have been spending some time learning how cams work. It was quite complicated at first, but when we had investigated how different cams work we then used our knowledge to create moving toys. The finished results were very professional!