Ancient Egypt, Building Bridges and Harvest Festival

Autumn 1 in 3/4L

What a busy term we have had in 3/4L! The Year 3 children have been getting used to being Juniors for the first time, while the Year 4 children have been showing them the ropes. We have immersed ourselves in our history topic Ancient Egypt?, finding out about how they wrote using hieroglyphics, how they mummified important people (yuck!!) and why they believed in so many different gods and goddesses.

We had a fantastic Building Bridges day at the beginning of term, when we designed and made bridges using art straws. There were lots of different designs and the end results were very successful. Another special Friday was our Diwali Day?, during which we learnt about the Hindu festival of lights. We made lanterns and watched a lively and interesting performance by some Hindu dancers.

We also worked very hard on our Harvest performance. We used musical instruments to bring to life the poem Harvest Moon by Ted Hughes. This was 3/4L's first performance and we look forward to showing more of our talents in future events this year, such as the Christmas production, our class assembly and the school's music festival. We will see you there!